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Vauxhall Mokka Fits (2012-2016) Premium Navigation Media System



Vauxhall Mokka Fits (2012-2016). Works with CD450 Vauxhall factory fitted radio. Premium Navi system boasts a fantastic array of functionality and media applications. Simply plug and play concept. 

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Vauxhall Mokka Fits (2012-2016). Works with CD450 Vauxhall factory fitted radio. 


DriveAudio products provide an OE style connector where possible, meaning plug and play. Some additional items will be required to be fitted like a GPS antenna and DAB areal if your original unit did not have Dab at factory. If your old unit had DAB then you have a DAB OE areal and all you need in that case is a small conversion lead. The units are designed for the UK market so all trims and clips represent a perfect replacement for the Right Hand Drive Cars. We have a network of Installers who are happy to undertake your install if you do not feel confident in fitting it yourself.

Canbus is integrated directly on to the main motherboard and not an illuminated add on Canbus analogue box. Our units have full canbus and resistive controls pre-programed on each unit to offer full integration. All our units have the very latest ARM11 Chipset offering speed and reliability. Fast boot up and Clear touch Screen. The replacement hood cover supplied for our large touch screen monitor is Black as shown in pictures.


Key Functions



3D Graphical Maps of UK and Ireland, European maps can be purchased at a small charge. The Map licence is owned via the customer and the customer's responsibility to update their maps via the mapping vendor's website. 12 months free updates are provided with the product. 7 Digit postcodes and 13,000 POI's. Speed camera Database is also added to the mapping software. The Maps are supplied and managed by Navtq a leading worldwide supplier of commercial mapping service. Click here for more information


The DVD loader offering a Clear 800x480 screen resolution. The DVD Rom is quick at loading and can play many different forms of media. All our DVD Roms are region free and you can by-pass the Movie in Motion so that the DVD Player works on the move. This function is used at the driver's discretion. Using Video media when driving is illegal in many countries. *PLEASE NOTE THIS UNIT DOES NOT COME WITH A REMOTE CONTROL*


Our unit adopts the cars original Radio and is used after the installation to offer you all the functions you had before and more.


Same with the AM FM radio if you have DAB option on your original unit our integration will interact with the Factory system.


As we know the Mokka now comes standard with Factory Bluetooth, Our unit will support the Factory system and operate as it did before the upgrade. PLEASE NOTE OUR SYSTEM DOES NOT COME WITH BLUETOOTH DUE TO THE MOKKA HAVING FACTORY FITTED BLUETOOTH


Use of the factory unit including the Bluetooth - If the factory system supports A2DP then it will continue to do so after the upgrade.


Media Files

The “Files” function will allow you to quickly view your music, films, pictures and more via this function. Select MP3 playback and add, or delete files via this method. Transfer songs, photos, videos among SD card,

USB Flash. Supports a maximum storage capacity of 64GB via (SD card & USB Flash) uses USB 1.0 and 2.0 protocol

IPhone and IPod

Supports iPod (Classic, Nano & Shuffle) connection, works with iPhone 3G, 4S and iTouch

39 Pin Apple connector is included to allow charging. IPhone 5 compatible with the use of an Apple approved Lightning Bolt adaptor.







The unit is able to offer information on the cars MFD (Multifunctional Display) like Radio names, Volume controls, and other informative information, although this function can be restricted depending on your type of car. The MFD is displayed mainly on the small informant screen above the driver's steering wheel. (Option only available on some makes of cars)





Dual Zone Entertainment

When the Navigation system is active you can transfer the Video feed from the front of the unit to any additional in car entertainment products such as rear headrest monitors.

Dual control allows you to control the video format to the rear, such as DVD, TV, and operate each unit separately, left channel feed and right channel feed.




DSP Audio

Our units have an advanced built-in DSP (Digital Sound Processor) to ensure you get the maximum audio quality out of your cars speakers. Sub-woofer out puts, to include in most cases AMP on, Centre Speaker alignment and 10 band graphic equaliser.




5.1 Surround Sound

The unit takes full advantage of your cars speakers by converting analogue stereo channel audio into a simulated 5.1 surround sound. This feature works exceedingly well when playing DVD Movies that offer 5.1 Digital decoding. The audio is then enhanced even further by the DSP Digital output.



Panoramic Parking

If your car has Visual Parking Aid then our units are equipped with special software to allow the Parking sensors to be displayed on the screen – please not this function is not available on all car brands,

Optional Extras

DVR – Optional

A small discrete front camera can be fitted and viewed via the system. It records to a 4GB SD Card and offers a 170% viewing angle. This optional extra will help provide visual support if you ever find yourself in and unfortunate position that required video evidence to support your case. These witness cameras are now widely used as evidence to support drivers and offers a sustain peach of mind

DVBT Option

A DVBT option is available that will allow full on screen control. Scan and select channels directly from the main unit.


CPU: SiRF Prima 600Mhz CPU, Advanced ARM 11 architecture 300M Hz DSP,

DDR RAM: 128MB (to 256MB) DDR-400MHz RAM

4GB built in memory – Internal Flash memory.

2 USB Ports: available to be used with a USB Mobile Hard Drive ( exFAT no capacity limit), AND/OR a High-Speed USB 2.0: 480Mbps High Speed USB 2.0 Interface – Fast and mobile. Storage Card: 4GB SD card as standard, mainly used for maps, Expandable up to 32GB

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    Dave walsh

    Very Pleased

    We fitted one to our Mokka 2 weeks ago (with a bit of telephone help when getting a bit mixed up with the wiring looms) and we're so impressed we've just bought and fitted one to our sons Corsa. The only complaint is the complete lack of fitting instructions, although it was easier second time around, and the Corsa is a lot simpler too! The instruction books for the operation of the unit are clear enough. All in all, a very good unit, at a very reasonable price.

      R. Rainer-Smith

      ideal, well presented

      Had the radio fitted last weekend and must say it works much better than id hoped for. Very good looking Navigation unit.
      Beats everything else out there.
      Will certainly recommend to friends and family.

        Nick Short

        Just Fantastic

        Thanks guys for your help Friday in Fitting this, would have used your free fitting but long way to travel from Edinburgh,
        Very impressed, with service and the unit. Looks fantastic. Will send you pictures as promised,

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          Vauxhall Mokka Fits (2012-2016) Premium Navigation Media System

          Vauxhall Mokka Fits (2012-2016) Premium Navigation Media System


          Vauxhall Mokka Fits (2012-2016). Works with CD450 Vauxhall factory fitted radio. Premium Navi system boasts a fantastic array of functionality and media applications. Simply plug and play concept. 

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