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4 pin Rear Camera Relay



Required for some cars that have a CAN sence in-line.

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This 4 pin relay will remove the issues that can happen if you have a modern car that sends a lower that normal current via the reversing light.

The power is taken from the reverse light to enable a switching system within an aftermarket unit to engage therefore swiching the head unit over to Reverse.

The risistor will provide a posative power to the unit and camera offerig a more stable power saurce to be used to power the camera and swich over the head unit when in reverse.


PIN-87 - Connect this terminal to a permanent positive live - A good 12V Feed. Connect an inline fuse, 5 amp should be fine.

PIN-85 - This goes to Earth or Body

PIN-30 - Connect to the Live of your Camera - 12V supply fed from PIN-87 (Switched)

PIN-86 - +12Volt Feed, (This is connected to the Positive side of your reversing lamp - In most new cars the power is way lower than required to support your camera, therefore we can use this 3V, or 5V as a trigger.


Tools required.

Circuit tester, 12V

Cable ties

Electrical Tape

Spade Connectors

Wire snips


The above information is a guide to connecting a 4/5 pin relay. Wise Ice Ltd (Group of companies and associates) are NOT responsible for any Damage to your person or property.

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    4 pin Rear Camera Relay

    4 pin Rear Camera Relay

    Required for some cars that have a CAN sence in-line.

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